Saturday, 21 May 2011

intr0ducti0n t0 my faMily

first thing first, i ♥ my FAMILY.. hehe..

keluarga ku ada 8 semuanya included my mom and dad.. 

               this is my FATHER, THE HEAD OF MY FAMILY.. hehe.. my father's name BADDU BIN HAMI.. nampak garang tapi actually bek hati.. <3

       my lovely mother.. my father's lover.. ngeh~~ my mother's name NURJANNAH LANGNGE

   next, this is my eldest brother.. the handsome one.. :P his name is RUDI.. Currently at SURABAYA.. 

          my second eldest brother... used his old pic.. xtaw cmn rupanya skunk.. lama x jumpa.. his name is JAMAL.. also at SURABAYA.. 

   anak yg ke3.. hehe.. its me.. hehe... 

   the next one is ABU BAKAR.. the BAD BOY in our family.. haha...  still study at SMK BANDARAYA, FORM4.. 

  the second last is my pretty litlle sister.. hehe.. SURIA.. still study at SMK TEBOBON.. sometimes she is very annoying. mwahaha

    and the last one, my cute little sister.. FATIMAH.. hehe.. study at SK DARAU. 

done about my FAMILY 

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